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12 Volt - LifePo4 KIT

12 Volt - LifePo4 KIT

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This 12 Volt Kit works with a number of LifePo4 cells.  Takes only a few minutes to assemble, no soldering, wire work or advanced knowledge required.

The 54mm KIT will work with cells that are 54mm (2.12") thick like the 230Ah Lifepo4.
The 72mm KIT will work with cells that are 72mm (2.83") thick like the 280-320Ah Lifepo4.
Refer to the sizing chart here for others. Contact us before purchase if you are not sure.

These units can work 2 in series for a 24 Volt system, 3 in series for a 36 Volt system or 4 in series for a 48 Volt system. Multiple AUX kits can be connected in parallel to a single MAIN kit to increase capacity and share a single BMS thus reducing cost.

BMS Has a 100A continuous discharge, temperature sensors, built in Bluetooth and UART connector.

This is the full standalone kit with everything included to run a battery.
- Powerboard PCB (This is what connects the 4 cells together)
- BMS PCB (BMS mounted, built in bluetooth)

This KIT is designed to be used in parallel with a MAIN KIT. It does not have a BMS.
- Powerboard PCB
- 30cm 8AWG connection wires
- 30cm Balance wire


 PS. These go great with our 230Ah LifePo4 cells Click Here

 PS. These go great with our 280Ah LifePo4 cells Click Here

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