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Taranis Energy

EVE 280Ah LifePo4 Cell

EVE 280Ah LifePo4 Cell

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280 Ah, Lithium Iron batteries from EVE 6,000 cycles to 80% DOD, Extremely reliable and safe, no chance of a thermal runaway.

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 2 Year Warranty

Detailed Specs
Chemistry LifePo4
Voltage 3.2V
Capacity 280 Ah - 896W
Max Continuous Discharge 280A
Voltage Range 2.5 - 3.65V
Charge Voltage 3.65V
Max Charge Current 280A
205mm (8.10")
Width 72mm (2.80")
Height 174mm (6.85")
Weight 5.4Kg (11.9lbs)
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