Powerwall Rack Control Unit (RCU) V3

Here are the detailed specs for the Rack Control Unit (RCU) which we teardown on our Youtube Channel.
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The RCU is using a 19" 3U 300mm deep. This is minimum to fit everything. A 400mm deep will fit into the area as well and may allow for bigger inverters.

 This is a list of all the components used:

  • 19" 3U 350mm Deep Rack case
  • Reliable Electric (WZRELB) 3,000 Watt, Pure Sinewave Inverter 48VDC - 120VAC
  • 1800W 40A DC-DC Boost Converter (Step Up)
  • Juntek DPH8920-RF Digital Voltage Power Supply
  • 30A 48VDC to 12VDC Buck Converter (Step Down)
  • Motherboard (Taranis Design, Pictures Below)
  • WEIPU WS24 Connectors (2x 4-Pin, 1x 3-Pin, 1x 2-Pin)
  • 100 Amp, Single Pole DC Circuit Breaker
  • Peacefair PZEM-028 AC (Orange) Display Screen
  • Peacefair PZEM-025 DC (Green) Display Screen

Motherboard - Top Image

Motherboard - Bottom Image


This is the Electrical Schematic of the RCU




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