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Taranis Energy

BMS 8S-Lifepo4 (Bluetooth)

BMS 8S-Lifepo4 (Bluetooth)

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Product Introduction


Applicable Battery Type: Lifepo4/ Li-ion Battery

Support number of strings: 8S (60A)

Function Introduction

(1) BT-APP in Phone (xiaoxiangElectric App)

   Support Both IOS version and Android version, can monitor and change the parameters (need to be within the specified range)

(2) UART or RS485-JBD PC Tool Box (Monitor and Set parameters,ask for service for PC Tool Software Documents and PC              tool Manual.)

(3) UART or RS485 LCD Displayer--Can monitor paremeters on LCD displayer


(1) UART and BT is the same ports, can’t be used at the same time

(2) UART /BT and RS485 can be used at same time

(3) All smart bms has BT and UART function

(4) UART/RS485/Canbus accessory needs buy separately:

(5) All UART communication can be converted to Canbus communication if needed, only need to buy a canbus module converter seperately.

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